Turkey is famous for producing the best hand-hammered cymbals in the world.

The knowledge of producing these superior instruments comes from traditions handed down for over hundreds of years; this process has created master cymbal smiths whose talent for cymbal making is proven by the unique musicality of each cymbal they create.

Being in the best cymbal producers, Amedia brings to you 100% handmade cymbals, made by hammer smiths and lathe men who are truly masters in their field. Through continuing the traditions of past masters, they create the perfect cymbals for today’s drummer.

Each cymbal is handcrafted, and is as individual as the master himself.Every cymbal has the
master’s mark and a touch of his spirit. This is ‘…the spirit of Amedia...’

Amedia Cymblas and Music Instruments CO.

Amedia Cymbals was established in 2005 as a family company; from that day to the present day it has been kept on growing by 15 years experienced cymbal smiths

These cymbal smiths are:

Eremya Arzat

At just 15 years of age, Eremya learnt the magical formula for cymbal making as an apprenticeship with the famous Zilcan. Almost every present cymbal smith, trained in Turkey over the past 28 years, learned the way of cymbal making from Eremya Arzat or one of his apprentices.

Ahmet Baykusak

Ahmet was one of the aforementioned apprentices of Eremya Arzat. He is one of the owners in the Amedia Cymbals; besides that he is the chief hammer smith thanks to his fifteen years experience. He has created new volumes in the drummers’ life with his popular series. For example Ahmet Legend, Eremya, Arzat, Komagene, Old School…Because he has a feeling for cymbals very well, each cymbal is controlled by him before getting out of the factory.

Saban Baykusak

Saban is also a partner of the company and a master hammer smith as well as his cousin Ahmet Baykusak. He adds his magic touches in order to supply nice voices to the Amedia cymbals.


Hamdusana Baykusak

Hamdusana is a master hand lathes man thanks to his long years experience as his brother Ahmet Baykusak. With his final touches to each cymbal and applying the logos and stamps on them, the cymbals are ready for the last checking in order to go off the factory.